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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: Why Do People Loot In a Disaster? ::

:: Why Do People Loot In a Disaster? ::

A man runs off with a box of goods in downtown Port-au-Prince.

While I've read bits and pieces of news about the Haiti Earthquake
I have not personally done much about the situation.
Perhaps Haiti is too far away to make any impact on me.
But this evening, with a bit of time on my hands, I decided to
Rummage through the internet channels for an insightful read.
At TIME Online, I chanced upon an interested article, titled:
'Out of Faith and Compassion - Diary of a Haiti Volunteer'
This article documents an American volunteer, who happened to
A production manager for Time Inc.
I was surprised to read that the supplies from volunteers
Were hoarded by the government and U.N. and were not
Distributed to the common people that needed them.
Other articles talk about human predators that hunt hungry and
Vulnerable children for the sex slave trade.
While disasters create an opportunity for the government and
The people to rally together, I am intrigued by how
Certain societies are bonded more strongly by community
Spirit; everyone helps one another and there is almost no looting,
There are other societies where crime is more rampant.
Someone should do a study in this strange sociological condition.

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when the levy broke in louisiana and new orleans flooded, didnt those people loot too? it amazes me too the choices that some people make in time of need. some people freak out. others decide to lend a helping hand. i know it is farrrr less critical, but when hurricane ike hit where i live, we were without electricity for weeks, all of our neighbors got together and bar-b-qued all of our food that would have went bad anyway. i guess in haiti it is farrr worse. they have nothing, from my understanding. they are a very poor poor country. so my guess is that they are all panicing. especailly because they think that noone is helping them but the united states alone has donated millions if not billions in relief for haiti victims. the help is just not getting to them because of a corrupt government. and honestly i fear that our government will be just as corrupt one day.

I think it has got to do with how the people view the state and authorities in the crisis. Looting is more common when lawlessness pervades in the aftermath a disaster, and the government and authorities are not able to render sufficient help to the people. Such can be seen in post-Katrina New Orleans, and Haiti, due to the loss of confidence in the government by the local population.

Compare that with post-Tsunami Thailand and Indonesia, where religion and rescue efforts gave the local population the assurance that everyone was trying their best to help.

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