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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Soliloquy for a Shooting Star ::

:: Soliloquy for a Shooting Star ::

Stars are never meant to shine forever,
But stars are meant to light and guide the way
As constellations, they track the planets
Hence the Gregorian calendar, used today.

And, thus, we are, the molecular clouds 
Waiting to crumble under our gravity
While some wait a hundred years, and then, more.
Other stars, like you, confront brevity.

Thus, it was a blinding flash of brilliance
That lit the hearts of all your friends you made.
And as your sparkle soften and grow dim
Your friends will continue to light the crusade.

As you join the meteor shower 
Blazes a trail into the Milky Way
I'll wave you goodbye and shed a tear
We will meet in the stars, again, someday.

-- to A, 1 January 2010 --

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With pals like you and many others, am sure he is not in the dark even though his shine is off. He shines from within your hearts now.

Learnt about the sad news today. In his blog, A was often thankful for the simple, everyday "miracles" that dotted his life's journey, so I just wanted to say I'm thankful our paths crossed here in cyberspace and I was able to witness some of his shining light you write so touchingly about. Rest in peace, A.

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