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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: 25 December 2009 ::

:: 26 December 2009 :: 

(handwritten note, at the back of the menu)

25 December 2009
- 830pm European Time, 330am Singapore Time,
written on the flight back to Singapore from Amsterdam -

The fantastic Europe trip is drawing to a close,
and we will soon revert back to the busy schedules of our lives.
Work, and the daily necessities of life will consume us,
and perhaps we will become too entangled
with confronting the daily issues,
that we may never recall this moment again. 

Hence this hurried scribblings at the back of this special Christmas SQ menu.
I will not know if we will travel together again to Europe,
or to anywhere else.
But what is really important is to know,
at this present moment, 334am,
that we will always be journeying together;
Europe, Singapore or anywhere else. 

And I hope for awareness - for it is with awareness -
the awareness that we are both happy, together -
that we can live this very moment to its fullest,
now and thereafter. 


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touched ..

so so sweet ! Willie .. u really can melt one's heart !

glad to know that both of you are in bliss.

cheers! =)

Hey! Aaron here. All your posts are so poetic! (:

Saw you writing on the menu but didn't know you were crafting your own post, hehe.

I thought you were asleep! =P

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