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:: Nota Bene ::

:: Nota Bene ::

So, I found this notable quote in xxpartyguyxx 's blog:

Remember, what you say, and what you do, and what you feel, are 3 different things.
Ultimately, your actions will reflect on what you really feel deep down inside.
Therefore, always be honest with your feelings and as they say, "Let your conduct do the talking".
Actually, it's not even a choice - actions speak louder than words.
Perhaps it is interesting to note that you can find out what you really feel
Inside by analyzing your own actions.
If it shocks you, then probably you were living in denial.
Erasing what you said will probably be a very hard thing to do.
The challenge in life is to get all 3 things mentioned to be coherent and consistent.
Lastly, the heart is a very fragile thing.
As you grow, who knows if it's possible to differentiate between
Whether the heart has expanded/become more accommodating or
Just hardened/desensitized. In any case, don't fuck with it
- literally and non-literally.

Nota Bene.

I was curious as to who this Nota Bene was.
I decided to wiki and find out a little bit more.
Nota bene is a Latin and Italian phrase meaning "note well".
It is the singular imperative mood, instructing one individual to note well
The matter at hand. I would think that this quote sums it up rather aptly;
Ultimately, one's behavior is the manifestation of one's thoughts,
Which could be articulated with words. The thoughts, though
Are derived from one's feelings. I know of situations where people
Remain inarticulate about their feelings and intentions. This is
because, they are either unable to grasp the essence of their
Emotions, else they are unable to express what is going through inside them.
It is during such circumstances, that one's actions may end up surprising
Oneself. There are occasions where I went through great lengths for a person.
It was only upon retrospection that I realized that probably that person
Meant a lot to me.

Somehow, if it matters, one would do the necessary, wouldn't one?
Some would buy lots of gifts and dinners,
Some would put up the worst nonsense.
Some would fly from one side to the other side of the globe.
What about me?
I'll wait six hours at the airport.


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