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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Treasure Trail ::

:: The Treasure Trail ::

I have this feeling that many LJers are no longer blogging
As I read the regular postings by the same few familiar faces.
Blogging can be a tedious task for some people, as it requires
The blogger to sit, and focus, and mull over a certain incident.
Or an issue. Or to share a certain frustration, else, joy.
Perhaps that is why certain people blog through photos.
Or music - or lyrics, and, for a few, by news articles.
Some would blog about their favorite branded bags.
There are not many, that will expose the shards of their
Innermost thoughts; perchance the fear, of being grazed
By the careless splinters, left flippantly in the forgotten
Virtual space. Then once in a while, there will be this
Refreshing entry, that reveals, only a glimmer. And it is
This faint sparkle, that allures, like the first poignant
Sentence of a book that makes the reader continue.
So, in the face of Facebook, and Twitter, and the many
Bejeweled Score and Restaurant City notifications,
Is there a hidden treasure trail leading to someone's tenderness?

I wonder.

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It seems like u r blogging less also :)

Yeah. Blogging can be rather time consuming.
But it is nice to go back to one's past entries as well as friends' entries and reread those entries.

Restaurant City is a good game! lol

(Deleted comment)
Eek! I don't like hair there....

I like the line, 'Is there a hidden treasure trail leading to someone's tenderness?'

But our tenderness are only meant for those dear to us... are they not?

Hence it is a hidden trail. =)

yes, thinking is hard...
plus, time is a luxury.

i still read almost everyday but don't post anymore.

Have been following your LJ and some others for years. Noticed that most (including you) are blogging less too.

For those who switch to Twitter, the depth is no longer there. For others who switch to FB, silent readers like me are being left out.

Anyway, hope you still keep your paper and pen diary. It's the only form of documentation of your life besides LJ. Remember how you felt when you lose 1 yr of memories?

Yes I recall!
And who is this by the way? I like having strangers drop by at my blog, but I'm sure you are not a stranger.

You are wrong this time. Truely completely stranger. Prefer to read on the sideline and leave an anonymous note or 2 once in a blue moon.

It's good to have a stranger who grow with you (or rather your LJ) and comes over to offer a word of encouragement when you are down or offer a cyber hug when you most need it. I believe you have enough good friends around for that.

Anyway, thanks for the years of nice writings.

it's not write or wrong

twitter is not more or less? i think it's quick. u decide how deep u want to go or not? it's more compact. try and say the same in less words. sometimes u get poetic in a hurry.

pen and paper is sentimental and also palpable but i rather like the internet blogging experience. it's collective remembrance. but they say people who write to share turn out to be lonelier than people who step out for real contact. not saying that if you do one, you can't do the other but when you write you're alone in your head.

Re: it's not write or wrong

Agreed on the convienience of Twitter. However not many ppl. are poetic in Twit.

Pen or blog, it's good to keep the memories.
Some ppl. prefer to act out their experience in real life,
Some ppl. like to think in retrospect.

Others (like me) just contented to be a silent reader and share the like of the blogger. Like u say, no write or wrong

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