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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: H1N1 ::

:: H1N1 ::

I received my H1N1 vaccination on Saturday.

With my scheduled travels to several temperate countries

In the month of December, I reckoned that $28 is a small fee to pay

For immunity against swine flu. Based on WHO reports, in the temperate regions of the

Northern hemisphere, the early arriving winter influenza season continues to intensify across

Japan, China, North America and much of Europe. The fascinating thing was that, just before I

Had my vaccination, the precautionary document that was handed over to me, listed the signs of

H1N1 which uncannily resembled what I have been experiencing for the past few weeks -

The onset of fevers and chills, the lack of runny nose symptoms, and the appearance of rashes

That resemble tiny insect or mosquito bites – which left me sleepless for a night.

In fact, this morning, I found myself to be bitten by mosquitoes in the strangest of spots.

Could it be a reaction to the vaccine? In any case, I hope it will quickly go away.

I want to recover quickly and gain my strength back, for

There is much to do.

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yes. that's how vaccines work i think. They give a mild dose so you body gets used to it and becomes immune.

according to the doctor it is the dead virus. lol.

oh dear. Maybe a few live ones got through? :)
Yes. The Doc is right lar. But the virus still gives u some of the mild side effects right? That's what i understand anyway. But then, i am not a doc hehe

i was thinking if i should get a vaccine as well... so scare of needles!


Hope u get well soon... hugs.. =)

i didnt get any fever but the injection spot swelled slightly for 2 days

u r on biz trip...how come coy nvr pay for the h1n1 jet?

take care and enjoy the trip!

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