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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: It's Beginning to Look a Lot, Like Christmas ::

:: It's Beginning to Look a Lot, Like Christmas ::

At the Giant supermarket, there is this $19.95 plastic Christmas Tree
That has round yellow bauble-lamps that light up
Rather nicely. Very good for the ambience.
It happened to be awarded the
"No.1 Best Selling Tree".
And so I bought it.

It looks particularly lovely at night.
I smile when I look at it.
In fact, this plastic tree has gotten me so much
Into the Christmas mood - that I've searched for torrents of
Christmas songs. With intention of looping them non-stop.
The stand for the tree is a little bare, but it gives opportunity for
Mr Domo and Winnie (in rabbit outfit) to pose with it.

I've been spending Christmas(es) in Singapore.
Christmas to me, is non-religious and is a time to send out
Handwritten messages of thank you in greeting cards.
And plan presents for loved ones. Christmas, being so close to the
End of the year, is a good time to review and reflect.

This Christmas, I will be away in some wintry part far away from
The equator. It will be nice to be away, actually, and experience
Christmas from a different perspective. As this year has been a really busy
year of sorts, I look forward to a short getaway, where I can recharge
And spend some quality time with myself and my loved one.

And perhaps, for everybody, whether they are here in Singapore
Or holidaying some where else, everyone could pause for a moment,
And soak in the Christmas cheer, and be happy, for a while.

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very nice!! i want to buy also! =P

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