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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Empty Stomach ::

:: Empty Stomach ::

I was halfway between Tokyo and Singapore when I started to feel
That familiar feeling - an unpleasant one, for that matter.
I saw patches of darkness interspersed with normal vision.
I recognized it as a sign of either low blood pressure, or air sickness.
In any case, it was not a good sign. I decided to bend forward.
I also signaled the stewardess for a glass of coke.
Not Coke Zero, but a normal can of Coke - I needed the sugar.
Part of me then decided that I should walk around a bit.
So I clumsily trotted over to the service area.
Only to realize that patches of darkness were getting darker.
I felt my way back to my seat, and collapsed onto it.
I covered myself with the blanket and breathed deep.
Fortunately I got better after a while.

A day or two later, I was down with fever.
It was the intermittent kind - a constant thirty seven point something
Which spilt over to thirty eight and more in the middle of the night.
I was too sick for work - and hence decided to see the doctor.
After a day and then a while more, the fever subsided.
And just when I thought that I was on the speedy road to recovery
I started to feel chest pains, especially when I swallowed food, water, or air.

I remembered reading about the resurgence of H1N1 in Tokyo.
I wondered if I contracted H1N1 while I was there.
And hence, after some deliberation, I decided to see the doctor for a second time.
Doctor said it was likely gastric reflux.

I was confounded - I have been taking my meals regularly.
How did this happen?
It was only after a while later that it dawned upon me
That I had been taking my fever medication on an empty stomach.
Serious shit.

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Hope u will recover soon... Take care!

man, take care and dun overwork!

ah you're in tokyo again?!

hey pal, take care man.. =)

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