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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: About Abouts ::

:: About Abouts :: 

I should be asleep
But I was awake, at least for the next
Forty minutes, as I waited for the first load of laundry
To be done. I would have fallen asleep, if a random bolt of
Lightning, did not strike my neighborhood, and render useless, 
The circuit closest to my washing machine. I was sure there was thunder
Accompanying this unfortunate act of nature. But I was not around, so I did not hear it. 
It could have be a boomzing applause of deafening portions; it could also be 
a faint whisper, and then a flash - it didn't matter; I had to wait for my 
Laundry, nevertheless. And the world spun, as I sat and stared at the
Screen. I clipped my nails, as they were incapably long that they were
No longer able to pull the tiny hairs out of my chin. I looked at the
Glass bottled garden, and thought, they need a little bit of 
The real sun. Maybe it was time to bring it to the balcony. 
The rabbit was snoring to its seven hour regime. 
And so I sat. I waited. I fidgeted around. Thought
Of those days when I had time to sit 
And wonder, and ponder,
About abouts.

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urm, I thought thunder is after lightning?

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