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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Last Love ::

:: Last Love ::

How does one love?
How does one, then, fall in love?

Does one love by making a checklist of the ideal qualities, one would expect - 
The Epitome, then embark on a quest, to find that ideal someone.

Or does one love, by trusting the hands of destiny
Or the random arrow of Cupid; should it hit
If it hits.

Hence the conundrum.
If Cupid's arrows hit, and both parties meet
And they do fall in love indeed. 
What if cupid's arrow strike once more
And not on the same person one has met before? 

If one, happily attached, yet by some wicked twist
Ends up loving a stranger he can't resist
Should he be blamed for switching his heart
For causing the relationship to fall apart? 

Yet he, could in turn reap what he has sown
A third party could come to wreck his own
Figment of love, or romance, or a short love song
Deconstruction occurs - the cycle goes on

And hence, one loves, one is loved, and one loves again
So one spurns, one is spurned, one plays the game
But pray pause, and consider, this important take
Is this one's decision, or up to Fate?

The answer evades logic and sense 
Like the ambiguity of an imperfect tense
But all I hope is to love no more
For I think I have found the one that I adore.


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Maybe we should define worth as something that transcends arrows or emotions. It can be quite a concious mental decision at times, me thinks? Sometimes the heart is able to follow what the mind commands.

(Deleted comment)
omg, did i type worth? I meant love!

i want to know what love is

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