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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Stretch Marks and Free Pillows ::

:: Stretch Marks and Free Pillows ::

Juggling many assignments and working matters,
I get quickly overloaded to the point that, there is no
Strategy in dealing with the tasks; it becomes a tactical attempt
To deal with what comes first. It reminds me of the Game&Watch
Of yesterday; when there are just too many items for the character to
Juggle, everything falls apart. Amen.

On another note, I have been fascinated with this nondescript
Cream, marketed for "existing stretch marks". I chanced upon StriVectin
While browsing through the SQ in-flight magazine during one of my business trips.
It does not have the premium marketing or branding of Biotherm or SKII or the like.
But I like it rare. And so, since it was Tang's Members' Closed Door Sale today, I decided
To make yet another trip to the StriVectin counter, and cajoled the damsel doing the promotion
To throw in another few freebies. She pointed to the bundled StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler and
Remarked, "Please don't use this; pass it to your Mom instead."
I think most ladies would use SKII or Elizabeth Arden. StriVectin? Don't think so.

On yet another note, upon arriving home, I found a large box waiting for me.
It was labeled as "down pillows". I was surprised. Did anyone mail me a gift of pillows?
It just didn't make sense. It was only when I removed the content from the box, that
I realized that it was a gift from Hyatt. Two pillows from Hyatt, exactly what they
Put on the beds, in their hotel rooms. Fantastic marketing, I must say.

And so, when the lights are off, and I doze off
In the fresh new pillows, perhaps the marks will
Go away.


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I prefer Western Bar to Game&Watch : p

so cool...

I would also like pillows sent to me. *wistful look*

Or I could do the Singaporean thing and 'liberate' them from their rooms during my next hotel stay...



Game&Watch....wow, brings back memories.

I remembered those who scored well are those who do NOT react to it through tactical attempt but take a few moments to plan a little.

i'm interested to know if the cream works.

how is the cream? useful?

StriV is popular in the US. The GNC there sells it quite a bit cheaper than SG.

It's funny to think that a stretchmark cream became a wrinkle cream. Talk about being bored!

Maybe one should start testing other things. Jif for toothpaste?

U get twice the work done with 2 person. :P

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