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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Haversacks and You; Haversacks and Me ::

:: Haversacks and You; Haversacks and Me ::

I carry a heavy haversack. I do.
A haversack of mixed emotions, that I have accumulated
In this little life of mine. Just like the words, from the Tap of my life.
Drop by drop they drip into this journal pail of mine.
There are the memories of childhood, of a lonely loveless existence.
That was perhaps filled at one point, or another, with love
From a distant star, that took pity on me and dropped itself
From the vast expanse of the universe, so that he or she would shine.
Shine for me, albeit, for a while, only.
And the laughter, the tears, that accompanied each journey
Should only be treasured and carefully wrapped in a silky strand
Of memory, and be preserved for as long as long can go.
There is nothing that I want to return
For every portion belongs to me,
And I hold it dearly.
For it was yours
And you gave it
To me



it's 1995, and we're at the airport's bus station.
you lent it to me, and it is my in reluctance to not return.
the haversack is filled and packed
with memento's and trying experiences,
and along with it, weathered marks of wears, tears,

and differences


Your haversack, is still in one piece after accompanying me
all these years, and it has become
another part of me.
I wouldn't trade it for anything else, and it

has gotten to know me, my sweat, my everything,
it is a ring, to my shoulders.

揹了六年半 我每一天陪它上班

Having carried for six and a half years,
I accompanied it to work everyday.

And since you lent it to me, I shall
take care of it for you.
All my friends commented that it looks
great, aged.
It's a regret, and a pity, that it has no longer
anything to do with you.



Your haversack, weighed me and slowed me down.
And there'll be a day when it'll go down with me.

Your haversack, a heavy judgment that befell on me.
Why did I not return

what I've borrowed.

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chinese version is original?

Its a Eason song... got popular again recently becoz Mediscorp used it for their chinese version of Don't Forget The Lyrics

I thought Willie wrote it...

I have been carrying one too, for very long...

i have carried my haversack for close to 10 years. although i bought it myself and it wasn't given by anyone ...

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