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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Farewell, Bacon ::

:: Farewell, Bacon ::


I didn’t really know Bacon.

Until I dropped by at T’s place a couple of years ago.

Three years? Has it been three years already?

I never found Bacon to be a good looking dog.

I never liked Shar Pei as a breed, and the wrinkled look did not

Appeal to me. And never that nonchalance of his.

Bacon was more feline than canine to me.

He would lie at his favorite corner of the house, and

Perhaps bat an eyelid, or give a disdainful wag of his tail

When anyone beckoned to him. Bacon did not bark;

He merely growled when necessary, perhaps just a few times, a year.

Bacon, for a dog, did not explicitly show his canine emotions.

Perhaps it was a trait that he inherited from his mommy, T.

Then again, Bacon was most excited when T returned home, and he would

Stand on his hind legs and would pounce onto T.

My only achievement, methinks, then, is to make Bacon roll.

Over countless rounds of treats and adaptation, Bacon finally learned to roll, one day.

To make a dog roll and expose its stomach, I learned, was a serious act of submission

Which was no easy feat. And Bacon was a proud beast. Like T.


And so, a few rains ago, Bacon started having loose motion.

His stomach started to bloat, and after a trip or two to the vet,

We realized that Bacon’s liver was failing.

There was not much anyone else could do.

Bacon would not eat. We could only see his stomach

Getting bigger by the day. And Bacon naturally grew weaker.

To the point, that, he was not able to go for his walks anymore.

T had to make a difficult decision, to put Bacon to sleep.

And all was quiet in our hearts and minds when Bacon left

The house for one final time. Bacon was a family member, and we are

Sorry to see him go. But we are sure you will have a better next life.

Farewell, my friend.

(For when one life goes away, another one surfaces elsewhere.)

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Wish I have had a chance to play with him once.

Beautiful eulogy. It moved me. *hugs*

it's never easy to see someone in the family leave. then again, it's part of nature and the cycle of life and death. i am sure bacon is doing well in a better place. take care will.


I'm sure that T will miss bacon....
Am sure everyone will miss bacon too....

Cheer up...

Though I can understand its not easy, but like what you say, "For when one life goes away, another one surfaces elsewhere.",
Bacon might be in a better place now. ;-) You know Bacon will be. ;-)

And Bacon is lucky, to have someone's love and always will be remembered. ;-)

its tough to loose..sorry to hear that.

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