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:: Bren's Twentieth Birthday ::

:: Bren's Twentieth Birthday ::

The past two birthdays of Bren were held at Sherwood Towers function room.
We would start the event early in the afternoon, by lazying by the pool.
We would then get ready for the BBQ by evening, and then
Eventually adjourn to the air-conditioned function room for
Boardgames, chit-chat and the cutting of the birthday cake.
For the past two occasions, Bren had the honour of being thrown into the pool.
This year, however, someone beat us to the reservation of the function room.
We decided to shift the venue to Richeast instead, and instead of the messy BBQ.
We decided on pot luck instead, a really simple pot luck.
With fried rice, sotong balls, sausages, chicken wings, salad and chicken curry.
Wendy baked her first birthday cake, and the choco-coffee concoction was delectable.

This was what Wendy brought.

My fruit bowl was then pilfered.

With lots of whipped cream and fruits added, this is what we got.

We had fun adding the whipped cream to the cake.
The whipped cream was delicious, contrary to my expectations.
Bren and his friends enjoyed themselves, and when they eventually left
To another location for some "Man-U Gathering", I was happy that he was happy.
It has been a hectic month of sorts, with work and then more work,
To the point that, preparing for Bren's birthday, took more effort than expected.
We had to vacuum and mop the house, do the grocery shopping, plan the event,
Clear the laundry and do the ironing, clean up the kitchen, get the TV tuner in the hall to work.

When time is a commodity, and when demand exceeds supply
There is a need to prioritize, on what matters, and then, what matters more.
I am glad we managed to squeeze some time out of our busy schedule for Bren.


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