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:: C'est la vi ::

:: C'est la vi ::

I have been waking up to old songs.
I will wake, and then, an oldie will drift into my head.
I will then search it on Youtube, and then play it.
And then let it linger, while I lie.
For a while, anyway. 

Surely this is a sign of old age, 
When there is as much past, as, 
There is, future.

Methinks; this makes an enriching life.
As there is enough experience gained, 
In the last few decades of our lives,
For us to know what we want,
For the rest of our lives, and be
Contented about it.

And yet there is enough time
A few more decades, more or less,
In the future, for us to walk towards
This destination, we call happiness.

C'est la vie.

Tags: music, musing

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