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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: People I Do Not Understand ::

:: People I Do Not Understand ::

On a quick musing before bed,
I would like to confess my inability to understand
Why certain people prefer not to keep in touch.
On certain days, I would look through my phone list
And send a personal holler to a few friends on mine.
As everyone has his or her busy schedule, an unexpected "Hi"
Methinks, is a nice way to keep in touch.
However, there would be certain personalities that
Would not respond. They must hate me quite a bit!
This evening, I happened to run into one such example
Who pretended not to see me.

I am a typical Saggi; usually brash, curt and direct
Able to accept criticisms and hopefully, self-reflect, and then self-correct.
I appreciate friends and acquaintances who make the effort to share, but
I can never truly understand people who disappear suddenly one day.
No closure. No accountability. No good.
Me no like.


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maybe because they are intimidated by you.

that happens to me sometimes... pretending not to see an acquaintance i am intimidated to.

but of course, if its friends who pretend not to see you, then they are not friends. (hope that makes sense)

why intimidated?
i'm also a human being.

we don't get intimidated by animals.

erm... sorry to mention this BUT, i did message you before and you didn't reply.

They must hate me quite a bit!

you only msged mj to jio him for dinner.
not me =P

i was actually referring to an incident which happened erm.... few years ago? :P

anyway, that aside, i asked mj to ask you along too!

I saw a very wise phrase on my 17 y/o brother's facebook one day: True friendship isn't being inseparable, it's being separated but nothing changes.

What's your thoughts? =p

I agree very much with your last 4 lines. Someone dear just "disappeared" from my life 7 months ago. I could not figure out why things went certain ways that I wish would not be so. Disappearing without closure is painful. I guess I could only move on but treasure the memories.

Its never a hate but one cannot expect another to stay there and be a friend. When there has never been any real effort being made.Just like you cannot be expected to disapear for a few months and re-appear and everyone has to response to your appearance.My 2 cents worth.

few months back when i was sitting at a passenger seat in a car when the car stopped the traffic light along the road, this fellow walking towards the direction of the car whom you may know saw me but pretended not to know me. but i still give a cool simle...in my mind, i was thinking did i offence him or whatever...anyway i dun owe him a living so there's nothing to bother abt. at least now i know how to react if i see him on the street next time.

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