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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Kor ::

:: Kor ::

B went for his PTP at the island of Tekong last Thursday.
Since then, we have been keeping in touch via SMS,
Except for the first night, when he gave me a call.
"Kor, thank you for seeing me off."
"No worries. It was nice visiting Tekong as a civilian."
The last time I was there, I was selling the Army to the recruits.
In retrospection, I was a recruit, selling to recruits.
"How are your bunk buddies?" I asked.
"We have been very busy, and we didn't really talk."
I hope he has befriended them already.
Despite all the negative talk about BMT or PTP,
They provide a unique platform to bring together
People from different walks of lives, and
Force them to learn to live with each other.
I remember enjoying my BMT very much
Being given the opportunity to learn in depth
The story of each platoon mate of mine.

B, in his SMS mentioned about the physical training.
"Don't disappoint me," I cajoled.
"I'll get best PT for the Major," he parried.

Just yesterday, mother gave me a call.
"B's OC gave me a call ah, and ask me to send letter to Tekong," she exclaimed.
"That'll be nice."
"So how ah?"
"Hmmm... why don't you write your portion on a piece of paper," I suggested;
"and then you could pass it to A, and she could write something on it too," I added;
"and then she could pass it to me. I'll finish it off and send it over."
"Is it?"
"Yes, I think that'll be nice," I affirmed;
"and during Field Camp, B would be encouraged by this letter."

Imagine everyone getting a letter except B.
That is not nice at all.

And so, while B's probably in deep slumber in Tekong
I wish him well again, and look forward to his POP.


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the sensitive side of u? nice.

He is quite streetsmart. Am sure he will adapt quite quickly and perform well. =)

sure b will not disappoint the major. :)

i like the idea of receiving family support while in army.

there is one particualar incident i'll always remember. i came back from brunei, looking forward to see my mum and return home. when i tried opening the door, it was locked. i had to press the door bell to get in. my mum asked, "you coming back tonight meh? i thought next week."

i was utterly disappointed.

hmm how come i dun recall my company got no letters during bmt one leh..haha

neither did I but i think it's a new initiative

ocs cadets will receive letters from their family while they are in the middle of lancer or starlight (can't remember) to encourage them

i came back from field camp to the news of my dad's (mild, thankfully) heart attack!

it just started last year

The touching part about my POP was when mum brought dad along (not the other way round). This is the first and last time that they ever did anything together since their divorce when I was 7.

haha yea... i heard about this too when i was serving my bmt days. how sweet it is that that particular company carries on with this tradition.

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