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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Breadcrumbs ::

:: Breadcrumbs ::


It was a pleasure catching up with Yaoliang.

At the White Dog Cafe, already my favorite lunch venue

Over a meal of Chicken Cutlet and Pork Pikata.

Notice the alliteration.

I have not seen Yaoliang for the longest time.

We spent our lower secondary school days of yore

Doing everything but studying.

We indulged in computer games; Might and Magic.

We resorted to paper games during all lessons

And would pass the paper through a series of classmates

So that we could play, even though seated far apart.

From VS came VJ for me, but Yaoliang went to poly.

We kept in touch, but less so, as time passed by.

Our last meeting was at Yaoliang’s place, just before

I made my maiden journey to Japan for my studies.

Probably two decades have passed since we last met.

I have to thank Yaoliang for locating me via Linked’In.

So, it was a pleasure catching up with Yaoliang.

We have changed, and yet, not really changed.

Yaoliang’s now a proud father of a three year old kid.

Still indulges in games, especially Wii, with his kid.

Even though we are in our thirties, we spoke as if we were

Still teenagers – locked into that particular period in time.

And reminisced, no longer vividly, but in bits and pieces

The misadventures of our younger VS days.

While many things have passed me by, that I do not

Even remember to update Yaoliang, he noted my milestones

From, of all places, my ten years’ worth of Livejournal entries.

Bewildered I was, of that fact that of all the nonsensically

Cryptic entries that I made over the years, one could make

Sense out of them, after all.

Perhaps this is another reminder, to me,

To continue to leave a little trail of breadcrumbs.


To Yaoliang: Thank you,

For making the effort.

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Please leave some breadcrumbs to my P.O.Box.
Thank you!

I have some breadcrumbs for you!
But I will need to confirm your kowloon address!
Can you let me know again?

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