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:: Red Star ::

Sunday mornings are a fun way to start when one starts it at The Red Star. Located at the fringe of Chinatown, Red Star is an old-school restaurant that serves delectable dim sum and is perenially packed with neverending queues.

We were lucky not to have to wait for a table as T came a little earlier to get a table. At 11am, we are already the second or third seating. Fortunately there are many servers, hawking their dim sums in Cantonese, and we had our table filled quickly.

The ju-pu tea is a bit strong, but fragrant from the chrysanthemum petals. M & M like the egg tarts. I still prefer the pickles over everything else.

Another hour more to go, and here's the dessert cart again, for the 5th time! We have had century egg porridge, Siew mai, had gow, pork ribs, egg tarts, paper wrapped chicky, Kai lan, char Siew bao, yam cake, chives roll, sugarcane prawn, and we are waiting for carrot cake and Chee Cheong fun. M says it's easier to just term everything as "Chinese Hors D'ouvres".

So boring, him.

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