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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: B + A + W ::

:: B + A + W ::

My brother Bren enlists this Thursday.

I made a note in my Gcal - 4 June 2009.

I took leave from work, in fact.

So that I could see B off

At his ‘Enlistment Ceremony’ of sorts.

It will be a major milestone in his life

And I am happy to be part of it.


There were no silver spoons in our family.

And when dad passed away, a decade ago,

B, at a young age, had to learn

How to grow up without a father.

And I, not exactly old, but older,

Had to learn, to be

A better brother.


Sometimes, I wonder, as I look back the years

If I did a good job as a brother.

I believe I could have done more

Beyond the weekly personal tuition,

The pocket money, and being a role model

That B can respect, and emulate.

I wonder.


I always remember the conversation we had

At the TPY Swimming Pool.

I questioned B about his future,

And how he would go about achieving it.

The road was windier than anyone expected

But B is at a good juncture, and I know from his entry

That B remembers the pool talk, vividly.


Isn’t is funny, how feelings and emotions

Are expressed by not expressing them, but

Discerned, felt, and hence, connected?

The regular meals between Bren, Angela and me

Are looked forward, and enjoyed.

Perhaps childhood hardships bond siblings.

I treasure them deeply.


And thus, as I ready to bid B a good journey

To the next phase of his life,

I beseech all, to pause, and examine

His or her unexamined part of life.

To love his or her siblings, and family

For, there may be less time than what we

Think, there is.

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Bren has grown so fast ... been reading about him back then. Congrats for having walk the path with him

you are so good lor...
i got 3 elder bro, but all bochap me, i have to go by my own...but maybe bcos of that, i grew up faster and more mature than my age

Wow didn't know you had a brother and the age difference is quite wide. That's good in a certain sense. I'm sure you have been the best brother you can be. To a man he will become.

Yes you are always the best brother, the best role model i look up to.
In fact, you took up not only the role of father but sadly the role of mother too.
You put in much effort, i affirmed that, but to your dismay, it was always disappointment that i present to you, not much proud movement i daresay.
The swimming pool talk is always echoing in my mind, should it always remained echoing back then, i probably finished JC, well what to do.

Thanks Korz, you are always the best. You played your part more than anyone should.
Love love, see you this thursday.

it's always nice to hear/read your sharing about yourself/ your family. you hardly do it. not since i first got to know you aeons back. it's funny how life presents challenges to us. challenges that forced us to grow and learn, faster than what we sometimes hope for. then again, it is these challenges that became opportunities that shape us. and it is these opportunities that make life all so interesting and exciting. take care will.

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