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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Energies ::

:: Energies ::

I received good advice from J during lunch today.

He said, “Stick with people with positive energies.”

“How do you define people with such energies?” I asked.

“They are the ones that radiate energy.”

“And they make you feel charged and refreshed,” J added.

“What about the negative ones?” I enquired.

“They drain you and make you unhappy.”

Upon introspection, I was able to discern

Between the happy and not-so-happy moments

And who I was with, for each occasion.

Time to draw the line.

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i share the same thinking recently too =)

yeap same thought here.

But i had this other thought... r u willing to give up the friendship, or should you then be the positive one to influence the one u call friend?

methinks it could be a conscious effort to dispel the negative energies, else failing which, to walk away.

what do you think?

yar agree. If its a constant draining of your own energies, then its time to either talk about it, or just step aside...

I think it's also mentioned in the book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. I too, agree with the statement, but still, I would try to stick around negative energy people if they are my good friends and hope I have positive energies to rub onto them too. =P

Air moves from high pressure to low pressure : )

i totally agree with ur friend!

tink a few yrs back i was reading this book "the 7 laws of happiness" i tink..by this guy..duno his name.

it said the same thing :)

keke. anywei, nice meeting u at the gym dat day! ^_^

too short! chat more next time!

seems everyone is reading and living by the law of attraction

positiveness + happiness attracts the same while negative & draining energies draw that to them

to add on to ur fren's great insight is to work towards being thankful and happy urself for all that u have :-)

i've been on the same quest of late to be positive, happy and to spend more time with people that lift me up

some of my best frens are negative nannies. some seem too quick to criticise

it's hard to get people to move away fr their natural state but it's sometimes worth the effort coz these r the pple who've been around u thru thick and thin. its probably life that's badgered them into a negative stat.

i love telling them they r negative nannies. at first there was tension but after that it became a running joke and we've come up with hilarious jokes about Nanny Fine being negative and how the show wud have been so different. result ... laughter and ur closest frens changing their vibe

sometimes its worth the investment ... its shows u love and care which is rooted in the positive


p.s. - hope u don't mind a random surfer leaving a comment

I was staying in a hotel about 2 years back. They have little soap bars, shampoo with quotes printed on them.

There's a particular one that I like a lot. I took it home as a souvenir. It tells me to "Keep company with those that makes you better"

I guess it sort of echoed what you wrote...

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