Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Anniversary, No More Heartaches ::

:: Anniversary, No More Heartaches ::

And so B and I had our Anniversary meal yesterday.
At the same old place, that Japanese eatery at Taka.
That was the first place we had a meal together, eight years ago.
B, fresh out of the army then, made it a point to buy me a nice dinner.
 We hooked up almost immediately and were together for six years.
Even though we have embarked on our own little journeys, it was comforting
To know that the mutual care for each other remains.
When age catches up with us, as we grow older and older,
More of our future gets written in stone, and become, the past.
And with more history accumulated along the way,
Reflecting over past episodes becomes a frequent activity.
I realized that I was too masterful with B;
I didn't like B to drink coffee; I deem it to be an addiction.
And I demanded an IPPT Gold, to match mine.
Now, upon reflection, I realized that all these didn't matter.
It is the connection, chemistry and the companionship that do.
B, too, realized the quandary that I used to be in,
When I had to make all the planning and decisions in
Where to go, what to do, and the whos, hows, and the whys.
Hence the importance in joint planning and decision-making, he reckoned.
In fact, we had a great chat and then laughed about it.

And as old ties are renewed, I hope, just like everyone else would have hoped for themselves,
That I have found my final love, and that the both of us will love each other forever,
For we will never need to feel the pain of any heartbreaks, and that the rest of our future
Would be henceforth filled with beautiful memories which we will never need to put away.


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