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:: Acer Smart Handheld Launch ::

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ACER officially launches its series of Smart Handhelds in Singapore, and I was one of the fortunate ones
Who popped by this event to take a look. I was surprised that ACER has bought over companies such as
Gateway and Packard Bell, and more importantly, ETEN. I used to be an ETEN owner and have been 
impressed by ETEN's products, especially the Glofiish PDAs. That was before I migrated from being a
Windows Mobile user to an iPhone user.

With this acquisition of ETEN, ACER is well-poised to be a leader in the Smart Handheld market, after
having emerged as the world's number one in the Netbook market, and ranked second in the Notebook market globally. Of the new models, ACER DX900 (S$799) offers a dual-SIM function that allows users to
keep track of personal to business communications in one device, while ACER DX650 (S$599) takes
user-interface to new levels with a dual-face design, featuring a touch screen on one side and finger-
friendly keypad on the other. For more info, visit here.

With more competitors in the fray, I think Apple will have to be more innovative. While I like ACER's offerings,
I would not be switching the iPhone which I purchased last september for another gadget. In fact, I look
forward to the upcoming iPhone 3.0 release in June. It better be an impressive update, else the newcomers
like ACER will upstage APPLE with their low-priced full-featured devices.

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