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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: My Song for You ::

:: My Song for You ::

There is a song, a melody, that echoes in my heart.
A song of love, yet a parting tune, that's rendered in the dark.
The crossroad has come, in this journey of ours, and its time to go
With different destinations set in sight, we must part, and so

I'll hum a tune, the sweetest tune, that I dedicate to you
My trusty partner and companion, in this journey we've been through.
At the previous fork I found my treasure, and this fork you found yours too
And thus it's time to say goodbye, before we part and fade in view.

I'll never forget the adventures, the tribulations, we encountered along the way.
And the picturesque scenery, breath-taking sights that blew our minds away.
The chance was there to plant our seeds and find ourselves a home.
But alas, the journeying wasn't over, and thus we had to roam.

Like passing clouds, time flies past us, and months grew into years
Our venturous souls, will soon grow weary, and the time to settle comes near.
I'll hope we'll carry on this journey, together, as a pair of pairs.
And finally, build our homes next to each others, and not in solitaire.

And hence I'll sing, I'll sing this song, my melody to you.
And hence I'll sing, I'll sing this song, my melody so true.
I hope you'll pause, and stop to listen, and sing the chorus with me.
My song for you, my beloved, let's sing for you and me.



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Good morning, neighbour! How do you do? :-)

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