Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Long Pins ::

:: Long Pins ::



When we are away, from the usual environment

That we thrive in, it is not surprising that we sometimes,

If not, frequently, pin for that few things,

That matter most to us.


There is this desire to connect back to this familiar environment.

One checks the local news on Channelnewsasia:

So the fares for public transport will be reduced.

So the STI has fallen below the 1600 level.

And so Singapore will win another accolade for

Being the best in something. Something.

The topic does not really matter.

But it is more familiar, more close to the heart

Than all the content of a foreign “local” newspaper.


For some, it could be the familiar comfort of the bed.

The quilt.

The heartwarming feeling of rest;

One could fall into a deep slumber in a matter of minutes.

And then there is the right pressure of the bed -

Not too soft; not too hard.

And the pillow.

Goose down, Duck feathers. For me it is Paima, or

Whatever that is familiar.

It equates to comfort. The comfort of a restful home.


Then there are the people.

People that we miss.

We are all social creatures after al.

And we do all live, though we may not admit it,

For the people that live for us.

It is our ecosystem -

An ecology of interdependence.

And when we sit, alone, in the hotel room,

Hearing nothing but the susurration of our breath

We seek familiarity.

We seek home.

Home is where the heart is.

Tags: introspection, memory, moment

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