Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: The Reason ::

:: The Reason ::


I missed my lunchtime posting!

But never too late, anyway.

At 5Degrees#6 last night, I was fortunate to get to make another few friends.

It is interesting to know in this 1/10 population of ours,

There are still so many (fascinating) individuals out there that

We would never meet, if not given, the right context, for the right introduction.

It seems (from the few networking sessions that I’ve been involved in) that most

Singaporeans would huddle in familiar company, and would be reluctant to take

The first step to introduce themselves, and mingle. And network.

Until prompted by facilitators or ice-breakers.

It was the same last evening.

However, after a concerted effort to bring the different cliques

Together, the different parties started interaction.

Like magic!

It is satisfying to see people getting to know one another better.

When it got late, and I was preparing to leave,

I noticed a group of newly-made friends: engaged in a

Light-hearted conversation, oblivious of the time that has passed.

I bade everyone farewell, and as all of us went on our ways.

I smiled.

This is my reward.


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