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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Random Tuesday Lunch Note ::

:: Random Tuesday Lunch Note ::

Through the last-minute decision to organize a Thank You
Birthday party with my friends, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity
To re-establish contact with some of them once again, especially some that
I have known for a while, but haven't been able to afford time to get to know better.

Sometimes it does take the right introduction, by the right broker-friend to get to know someone better.
I remember this incident: having seen and met M, both from Facebook and in person as well.
We had many mutual friends.
However, even as greetings were exchanged between common friends,
We were not introduced.
I was thankful, though, that M made an attempt to message me on Facebook.
"I was the one who bought coupons for you," M wrote.
"However, since our friends did not help introduce, let me take the first step."
I was pleasantly surprised, and replied to M's message immediately.
Of course, part of me wondered why I didn't make the first step as well
And a little part of me jotted down this point, as a resolve to
Take initiative to say hi.

Anyway, back to the topic of getting in touch with friends.
To my amazement, a number of friends feedback that they felt
That I was arrogant and "tau".
These remarks got me thinking for a while,
On how I could have appeared to be arrogant to some.
I even considered the fact that I could be arrogant, without realizing it, in fact.

I have no answers.
I am not sure.
But if that was the perceived aspect, then perhaps it is not important
To wonder if it exists or otherwise, but to take positive steps to
Improve the mindsets.
Perhaps I should smile more.
Perhaps I should make an effort to reply to all messages on FB.
Perhaps I should accept all friend requests?
(If I do so, people will label me as having too many friends; still a mindset)
More importantly, I have to approach everyone with sincerity and candour;
Within my earshot, at least.
The rest, well, i'll take care of the rest subsequently.

As I munch on my Famous Amos Christmas cookies
For lunch, on a Tuesday afternoon.
Munch munch.


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haha.... well, u do give mi smile when i see u at club the other time.... though the way we noe each other was so diff... haha

Well, I wouldn't know about all that because I always take initiative with all my acquaintances. Those that I bother about, that is. LOL

Some of your friends...tsk tsk tsk...

seemed pretty friendly to me =)

it's impossible to please everyone.
most importantly, you should be comfortable with what you're doing.

i think it's about time we should meet. =)

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