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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: W & B ::

:: W & B ::

While preparing for the 'Raise $$$ for SPCA' drive to be held tomorrow
I rummaged through some of the paraphenalia that
I have accumulated over the years.
I then came across the pair of 'W' & 'B' bears
That means a lot to me.
B bought the pair of bears, and for the six years
We were together, the pair of bears were
Seated beside my computer.
I chanced across too, a bottle of folded stars
Which I made, several moons ago, with messages of
Loving memories that I did spend together with B,
Written painstakingly, then folded and inserted into
The bottle.
That was so long ago.
And the bears were forgotten together with the bottle, at a hidden corner.
I looked at these. I realised how much I loved B.
And how much I still love B.
I packed the bottle of stars and Bear 'B'.
I will pass it to B tomorrow.
I hope B will like, and keep, them.




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the bears are so cute and so representative...

awww... this is sweeter than the gingerbread man I'm chewing on now.

-chew harder-

But having said that, this is one of his more "accessible" entries that I could relate to.

Agreed. The others are more cryptic.

We're taking like he's not there. ;-))

not diabetic

a spot of vigorous sex will do

oops, this journal is suppose to be PG?

So sweet :)

I hv a C-Bear too, and if I'm not mistaken they are all from McDonalds!

I promised my ex to get the entire alphabet for him, but I never made it. When we broke up, I asked him if I could either have them back, or if he'd be keeping them in a drawer, whether he could remember to take them out once in a while and take a look, so that they won't feel lonely and abandoned.

A few years after, and a few years back from now, I thought I had finally moved on, so I threw away the ticket stubs of the movies we'd watched together, and packed up the cards he sent me. I met him outside his home, and told him, I can't bear to throw these away, so I'd leave them with you and you can throw them away if you want. Then I turned away, and made it back to the car before he could see me cry.

We never get over it, no matter how strong we think we are.

I think so too.
Did he throw it away?

He said he wouldn't, but I never found the courage to ask. Maybe subconsciously cos I'd rather not know, than find out the truth?

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