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(no subject)

:: Payscale Singapore ::

Got this off odysseus100 .
How true is this?
I wonder.


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It seems fair enuf for the project manager position. As for consultants, the salary range is very wide with some earning more than 100k a year.

When I was still in the software developing line, the payscale was somewhere in between the first three categories...

But then that was more than 4 years ago, not sure if that's still applicable or changed...

are there payscales of other professions available too?

these can only be averages.
and there may be very wide variations.
then there are benefits, allowances, travel requirements, and hardship compensation.
as it is with averages there could be a small handful at the very top end earning double the average or more.

I'm now in between the role of a Senior Software Engineer and a Consultant and my pay is somewhere that range of both roles.

I checked before the one given by Robert Walters and I think the difference between yours and theirs is quite wide.

Im still underpaid =(

if u include just my base pay, im underpaid as a PM. but if u include my bonus, im waayy overpaid.

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