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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Three Jobs ::

:: Three Jobs ::

I recall Dr Kasey Chan’s quip during PMP.

“In order to earn a five-digit pay,” he said,

“You’ll need to have three jobs.”

We laughed.

“I’m serious,” he remarked with earnestness.

“That’s why I am teaching you guys on a Sunday!”

With this economic downturn, perhaps he makes the

Most sense.

I need another two jobs, then.

Wildy for hire.


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I've got 2 positions open - top and bottom :o)

don't they meet each other's needs?


I have two jobs and i am still far from the 5 digit salary.

what's your other job?
music album reviewer?

I am working full time for a hotel chain currently plus my freelance editor work for fridae.

I have two jobs too... and no where near 5 digits.

a third? Hmm.. not sure I'm that motivated

could it be passion?
likely your second job is something that you feel passionately about?

well I am passionate about both my jobs (both are similar)

It's hard for me to work at something I don't feel anything for.

i guess your second job is one of passion, which is nice, i think.

Yes it is.

For someone with a limited level of patience, only passion can push me to go on even when i am tired.

If one spends all his time working 3 jobs, where does one find time to enjoy the five-digit pay?

Erm... no1 says it is for enjoyment?

Its for early retirement... Imagine still dragging yourself to work in the morning or going to work and have to look at people's face to proceed at the age of 40???... terrible...

Once he or she earns enough, he can start to invest on passive income. That way income never stops.

Edited at 2008-11-28 09:41 am (UTC)

Why shouldn't work be a part of life's enjoyment?
Why should one only begin to enjoy life after one has accumulated a lifetime of savings?
Will one even get the chance to ENJOY life?

That's the question(s).

We aren't painting the same picture, right?

I agree that one should enjoy work as part of life's enjoyment. But even engines get to break down, no matter how well one maintains it.

With enough money in my income, I do not have to:

1. Wake up early in the morning to report to work
2. See the boss face even if I have done nothing wrong
3. Worry about my income every day while doing the things I want to do: charity, travel, migrate to somewhere less crowded.

I can work freelance but I have to fight aggressively to sell myself. Why should I do that? Why do I have to depend on others to bring in my income at the age of 40?

You can enjoy being a workaholic too if hectic is your cup of tea. But having simple needs and wants isn't what I would consider enjoyment.

Yeah we are on different tracks here.

We have all read about YOUNG local office workers who died literally at their work desk, spending their final moments doing OT.

This person will NOT be me.

The common misconception about freelance work is that it is all extra hard work and instability. And that the pay sucks. All that is not true. It only depends on how one goes about doing it.

Personally, as a full-time freelancer,
1) I don't have to wake up early in the morning and I don't have anyone to report to except clients.
2) I get a whole lot more appreciation and satisfaction for my work from clients who engaged me to do their work in the first place.
3) I know I can do things that I like AND get a good income out of it. And I still get to travel (sometimes for work, but mostly my own holidays - no need to apply for leave!), I have time to actually help the needy in person (if not with cash), and with my flexible time, I can totally avoid crowds and peak hours if I want to.

It doesn't even feel like I'm working at all! Talk about an early retirement... :)

If one is really good at what one does, then people will pay good money for one's services. The only thing is just how to make one's talents and skills known. That's not too hard what... :)

nah...i think the best is no job but still got 5-digit pay right?

hmm...i can imagine if u sell chicken rice, biz sure damn good one!

Do you mean 5 digit, like anything more than $10,000? What's the average salary in Singapore I wonder? I think if you want to earn $100,000 plus its best to focus on one job and do it well. I would have though someone of your ability, and generally mid to upper level management guys here are earning $100,00+ no?

I've heard that before haha
Check out this page, seems like some reasonably good salaries from the survey though I think its a year old. http://www.payscale.com/research/SG/Country=Singapore/Salary

I'm overworked and underpaid.

*breaks in a loud sob*

overworked and underpaid

You have only been there one year. Give it time. If they recognise your talent (if you have any :P) they should promote you, if not after a few years experience you may well get head shrunk, I mean head-hunted!

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