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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: He Never Says ::

:: He Never Says ::


He holds a cup of drink from Mac Donald's.

I'm sure it is a Coke Light; that is his favorite drink.

He finishes his drink, and goes on to suck the straw

Until it makes a gushing sound at the base of the paper cup.

I think waterfalls.

I glanced at him, expectant.

He continues sucking, oblivious.

He never says anything, anyway.

We stood at the verandah, one A.M.

Overlooking the highway, nearly empty.

Except for the occasional cargo trucks

That make a rumbling sound of distant thunder

As they approach and appear in our peripheral vision.

And disappear again, like the last shuttle for the day.

Something lingers.

The night lingers.

He continues to suck the straw, of the melted liquid.

I hear the gushing sound of waterfalls.

And nothing more.





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I love this entry. The reader is almost transported to the scene itself! The lingering of the night...Good one. =)

i wrote this last night while doing overtime in the office. it was pretty quiet, except for the occasional cargo trucks moving along the telok blangah viaduct.

hence the mood. lol.

oh, i thought it was more of a couple about to fight kinda thing. LOL

as in, the typical nervousness just before the time for a confrontation. *sips drink nervously*

We need a reply of sorts
A smile, a wink or a gentle touch
Affimation of presence; 'I'm here'
Continuation of love; 'I love you'
Show of affection; 'Lemme hold you'
Though silence sometimes reign supreme
A reply hangs in the still air
For the last time, maybe
For forgiveness, maybe
In the dead of the night, the lingering night
He never says, but he is here

Great accompaniment; moody yet optimistic.

whoah what's with the bandaged user pic?

his head got damage due to the sudden burst of artistic virtuoso.

I think waterfalls.

I glanced at him, expectant.

He continues sucking, oblivious.


My favourite part

Really like that! Just happened to surf onto here.. hope you don't mind me adding you..

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