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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Many Years of Solitude ::

:: Many Years of Solitude ::

Marc says that 100 Years of Solitude does not stand
In his list of top favourites.
"It's like working hard for your enjoyment," he remarked.
I only managed to plow through to
Chapter Two, before I got distracted by the daily chores.
Marc was right about the vivid imagery.
And the complicated story within a story.
Maybe it is time to pick it up again.


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Dear Willie,

We have never been acquainted but i first caught sight of you in a friend's photoblog.
I then got really interested to know more about you.... [don't worry i;m not a stalker!..:)] and started reading your web pages and thoughts....

In a nutshell, you look great!, is atheletic, creative, write well, is intelligent and a deep thinker....all i can say is WOW!... keep it up and all the best in what you do....I wish I had a friend like you.. :)..jc

Re: Willie

We don't know each other, but we have mutual friends...

hmmm sure. message me if necessary. cheers!

Hmm... I'm looking for a book to read on the flight to London. Maybe this is it. Who am I kidding? I'll be watching movies all the way! :P

It's a 13-hour flight. I think white wine should be included.

did you get drunk?
by the wine, the book or otherwise?

Good luck with the book. Hahaha ... I read it while backpacking alone in 2005. Still ain't sure if it was the right book to be reading there and then. :o)

Yes I did. Slowly but surely. I had a fair bit of time when I was backpacking. If not, it would have been rather challenging.

I think I wrote an LJ entry on it... let me go find.

This is what I wrote when I was reading it back in 2005 ... "Have been spending time reading "A Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Was one third through when it got really engaging ... such varying emotions conjured within a few pages ... can´t wait to finish it ...".

Now I remember ... stick to it ... it gets better. :o)

One of my favourite authors and one of his best books. Magical realism. Nigel

glad to know that you're alive and well. =)

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