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:: PASONA O2 ::

:: PASONA O2 ::


This is Tokyo's Original Underground Urban Farm.

It is called Pasona O2 and was set up as a means of providing

Agricultural training to young people who are having trouble finding employment

And middle-aged people in search of a second career.


The Pasona Group has a traditional farm in Ogata,

But they want the "freeters" (Japanese slackers who hop between part time jobs) to get a taste, so to speak.

It also is open to middle-aged people in search of a second career.

There are a thousand square metres (10,000 SF) growing 100 different kinds of produce.

"In the absence of sunlight, the plants are sustained by artificial light from light-emitting diodes,

Metal halide lamps, and high-pressure sodium vapor lamps.

The temperature of the room is controlled by computer,

And the vegetables are grown by a pesticide-free method in which

Fertilizer and carbon dioxide are delivered by spraying.

Hydroponics, in which plants are grown in water and hardly any soil is used,

Is one of the methods of cultivation used in the facility."





It'll be kinda nice to have such a facility in Singapore.

Imagine doing rice farming at basement three, One Raffles Quay.

In farmer's garb, of course, sans the straw hats since it's indoors.

Bizarre, surreal, and energizing!


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