Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: I Sit and Wait ::

:: I Sit and Wait ::
Was it last year when you sat across the table 
And spoke about your dreams and aspirations
While I laid an ice cube onto the coffee table 
And watch it melt, watch it melt, into a puddle
of tepid reflection, of the approaching crossroad. 
And as you left a dollar as tip for the waitress
We hugged and parted our ways forever 
I lingered, and watch the willowy figure of yours 
Disappear into the horizon, like the setting sun
Except that I will not see you again, tomorrows. 
So, here, I am, once again, 
Back again, like a long lost friend. 
I've made my choice 
I've found my voice 
If the opposite of destiny is free will 
I'll take my chances, I will, I will.  
I'll say I'm sorry. 
I'll take my chances 
and say I'm sorry. 
The waitress smiles and brings me my tea 
My earl grey, my distant past, my memories
So I sit and wait, I know you'll come 
You'll come you'll come you''ll come
I sit and wait. I sit and wait. 
I'll take my chances 
and say I'm sorry. 
Tags: poetry

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