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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: 5 Degrees #4 ::

:: 5Degrees#4 ::

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I started 5Degrees in April this year.

It started when I was paying Cisco Systems a visit, at Capital Towers.

At the ground floor, I chanced upon Steven, the manager of Wine Booze.

Steven organizes wine tasting sessions every Friday at his wine shop.

I immediately decided to organize an ad-hoc wine tasting session via FB.

About twelve people turned up, and we had quite a chat

Over cheese, ham, and wine, of course.

Post-event, I wondered if we were missing an opportunity for the

Working professionals for our community to business-network over a glass of wine.

With the help of a few friends who believed in the idea, and me,

Five Degrees was born.

As a non-profit organization, no money passes through our hands.

Hence, we rely on free networking tools, such as Facebook, and the

Kindness of host venues to facilitate the networking sessions.

We were off to a rousing start in April's 5Degrees#1, with over

A hundred participants. We went on to #2, and #3, when we decided

Do our bit to network the community at large with a worthy cause.

And that would be A Nation In Concert.

So, last week, just before #4, I had a chat with T.

We were wondering if the degree of success of a group like ours

Can be measured by the number of members, or the

Success of the events? I reckoned that 5Degrees is successful

As long as we are able to encourage people to support our community more.

To support our community eateries, products, services, etc.

5Degrees#4 turned out to be a wonderful event, and I found the talk

To be very relevant to the IT professionals. It is also heartwarming to know

That there are people who believes and supports this vision.

Like every journey I make, I sometimes lose sight of the destination

Once in a while, and get a little weary, as work and other personal

Matters take my attention from the journey. But it is when I pause to

Think, and through introspection, understand why I started the journey

In the first place, and why I should keep on walking.

Small baby steps.


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Many will benefit because you choose to act upon your idea. Well done!

i m a sleeping member of 5d but do not know what 5d consists of? pls enlighten. :)

Hence my email to you. I had no idea that causes were the motivation behind '5 Degrees'. I remember reading the Facebook site the first time I was invited and it said that it was a social networking thing only.

Which was my main point of contention then: I did not care to be part of a yuppie (or guppie--gay yuppie) socializing thing.

And I meant to congratulate 5 Degrees and give a vote of support.

Baby steps?

Not to me :) Congrats!

extremely commendable my dear long lost bro! Major kudos to u man! I take u as a role model! =D

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