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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Epic Dreams ::

:: Epic Dreams ::

I had another epic-like dream this morning.

I was in this bizarre cityscape, arriving at a certain unfamiliar train station.

It was a crowded station with many passengers in transit, despite the fact that it was late at night.

I was to transfer to a nearby station, but the ground between both stations

Was muddy, so I relied on the many rickshaws parked at the station front, for transport.

Arriving at the other station, I entered only to find myself in a Buddhist temple.

I moved my way through the many pilgrims, and was surprised to

Find the main Buddha statue facing tangent to the entrance of the temple.

The statue was facing to the right, from the temple entrance.

I exited, and realised that I must make my way to the destination on my own.

Since the train station was not a station (but a temple).

I walked along the main street, aware of the various pubbing activities

Visible through the glass facades to the main street.

I arrived at a major river, only to realize that the only way across

Was to rely on this gigantic water-wheel that looked like a ferris wheel.

The wheel operator shouted a countdown - it would be another few hours

Before the wheel would rotate a complete cycle.

I hurried and grabbed myself a seat on the wheel as the entire structure creaked.

Halfway through the rotation, the wheel suddenly collapsed, and I was left

Hanging on for dear life while part of the structure plummeted into the

Fast-flowing waters.

I knew I was alive, since I ended up at some shopping multiplex.

For the second part of the epic... ...

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Sounds like HongKong in twilight zone.

btw, there's always mangrove trees and coconut trees. : p


Maybe it is sub-consciously signaling to you that you wanna escape from the life you have now or just aiming for something different.

- Ben -

Re: hmm

I guess it's because there seem to be so many "scene" changes, like how u are in a situation and you just want to keep moving on and not stay in a stop.

The part where the operator shouting a countdown could be a "temptation" that needs you to make a really quick but not too sensible decision, then u end up jumping on into it. And how I see the part where the ferris wheel collapse, is when you realise that you cant hang on to that decision anymore.

Well ... I guess I just sound like i'm reading too much into your dream but it's purely a personal view. See if it makes sense to you.

Ben =)

Feels like you went through chinatown first, then on to clarke quay before landing yourself at the Singapore Flyer. Maybe the shopping multiplex is the IR ;p

yeah.. it felt quite local actually. yet.. the things you mentioned cud be found in most asian (chinese) cities..

haha. ok, it's obvious what's important appeared in your life:

pubs, shopping, Buddha, MTRs, your weight?! (over obsession that caused the water wheel to collapse lol)

errr....I can't publish my vital statistics in public can I?! *blush*

there's actually a meaning to ur dreams.. well. if u believe.

in some small ways, i can.
but i wont want to do it here. coz its ur personal stuff.

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