Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Lost in Evaporation ::

:: Lost in Evaporation ::


M has been rather bubbly of late.

"I'm going to Tokyo again," he whistled.

"Tokyo in Summer? Hot le." I reminded him.

"It's already the end of summer," he retorted.

I remember the hot summer days

Where temperatures rise to above forty degrees.

Very Hot.

M also took pains to ensure that he is seated

On the upper deck of the A380.

I didn't even know that A380 is double-deckered.

"Do you get a better view at the upper level?"

"... ..."

"Don't forget a souvenir for me.... " I added.

"I don't mind a tee from Uniqlo."

"Did you say something?"


And so, M departed a few days ago,

After sipping his glass of gin tonic at the airport lounge.

A few days later, today,

Me, finishing my last bicep triset,

Noted on Channelnewsasia -


One woman was found dead and another was

missing as torrential rain drenched central Japan,

leading authorities to urge an entire city of

nearly 400,000 people to evacuate, officials said -

Summer's indeed over,

But probably not what M expected.

Hope he's alright.




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