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:: Men's Health ::

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:: Men's Health ::



Jun, my friendly neighbour at work, passed me a copy of Men's Health a few weeks ago.

My niece buys it to read, she says.

If you want, you can take a read and then pass it to me when you're done.

She's nice to me.

I browsed through the magazine quickly.

I realized that there aren't too many articles on gym.

Gym routines, gym regimes, the like.

If I recall, Men's Health previously had training sheets

That one can tear off and use it for gym.

What happened to that?

Maybe they have a larger female readership?

I wonder.


PS: Anyway, for a good article on abs, try this.

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oh my ... medicine balls reminds me of my dragon boat training




When are YOU going to be on the cover? : p

more female.. according some female frenz said :p shuai ge di yi

Is your Men's Health filled with yummy Asian men? If so, I may need to subscribe ASAP =)

omg, the guy on the cover is....*faint*

Who is he?!

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