Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: The Giant Water Bottle Man ::

:: The Giant Water Bottle Man ::

Since we witnessed the opening event of the 2008 Arts Festival,
We reckoned that it was only proper closure to attend the closing event too.
Especially when it was to be held at Bedok Reservoir.
After an uncomfortable experience jostling for space with the
Maddening crowd at Boat Quay a month ago
We were better prepared this time.

Too prepared.

So arrived we did, with bento boxes and their yakitori acessories.
And then there was some dimsum, and then, some more.
We brought along a bottle of vodka, some cranberry and orange juice.
There was time to kill.

We were almost two hours ahead.

The evening picnic turned out to be half the total fun.
Since the picnic at ECP a few months ago, we haven't had such an outing.
The water-theme show, well, had a watery start and ended up in flames.


We were amused by the Water Bottle Giant Man. A lot.
While it was totally not integral to the almost-linear plot
We suspect PUB has a hand in this recycling project.


Tags: musing

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