Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Dollars and Sense ::

:: Dollars and Sense :: 

The issue of frugality is oft-discussed and practised.
By me, anyway. And now, especially.
In the face of rising fuel prices and that 
Inrevocable anxiety that everything will continue to rise and rise
And rise. 
Dinner conversations tend to revolve around frugality.
"We should eat cheap; food court henceforth."
"No buffets. No restaurants."
Commuting conversations tend to revolve around frugality too.
"'I'm glad I'm not driving anymore."
"Let's just take the MRT."
Domestic conversations, naturally followed frugality as well.
"No lower than 24 degrees, please."
"Why is that fan on when the aircon is already in use?"

It is a good thing that food frugality goes hand in hand
With a healthy lifestyle.
A moderate food intake means less bingeing. 
And so, the latest initiative of the journeyman, is to 
Carry \this little 250ml water bottle.
Water - a substitute for the usual lunchtime
Or dinnertime coke light, or green tea. 

It'll still take me light-years to save enough to buy
My choice property, but
At least I'll feel closer to an astronaut.

Tags: musing

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