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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: All But a Blur ::

:: All But a Blur ::

I realise I have temporary blurry vision
After staring too long at a light source
(laptop screen, tv, signages, etc).



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close ur eyes, go to bed
and dream in soft focus

guess, it is safer to go for an eye check-up.

Go for check up

If problem persists, remember to check it out.
Do not mean to scare you, but the problem will either lie in the eyes or the brain.

Alvin Tan

Sounds scary!

errrr.....stop staring at light sources?? Duh!

everyone gets that la. It's called...urm...some super-imposed lighting or something.

Basically, don't stare at your computer screen for too long. Then, once in a while look at distant objects (out of a window?) and focus on nearby objects and then close and cover your eyes for 20 seconds. That should reset your eyes.

p/s - if you really count to 20 seconds slowly when you close and cover your eyes you can really feel your eyes relaxing, and when you open your eyes again it'll be like, super blurry but nice. lol. try it!

I love you cutie.

All Domo, All the Time. Domonation.com


I always thought it was normal
or partially cos of astig?

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