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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: My Road Trip ::

:: My Road Trip ::

It has been quite a while since I last went on a proper road trip - more than a decade, if I recall.
That month-long trip was made with M, during my varsity days. 
We arrived at LAX, and with a rented car, a spare month and lots of drive.
We traversed across the desert landscape to touch the Four Corners, and then up towards Mesa Verde, Arches and then 
West towards the hippy San Francisco and then down along the coast, passing Monterey and then back to Los Angeles.
It was unforgettable, as a journey and as a dream. 
Then, just a few weeks ago, I was fortunate to be able to embark on a road trip once more. 

This time, it was to a different destination. 
We were heading to the Outback, as what the Australians fondly term it. 
The actual trip was one long driving trip moving from point to point. 
In fact, most of the time was spent in the car as we drove from Darwin, to Katherine, to 
Tennant Creek, to Alice Springs and then to Uluru (Ayers Rock). 
In fact, during the middle leg of the trip, we awoke at midnight 
So as to prepare for six hour drive over to Uluru to catch sunrise at Uluru. 
With the company of the stars dotting the darkest of night, it was a surreal driving experience; 
Something one cannot experience in Singapore. 
We were careful though, to steer with a clear periphery of the limited distance ahead, 
As tribes of wallabies and kangaroos have this uncanny habit of hopping right into the path of our Nissan. 
Eventually, we arrived, exhausted, cold, and upbeat about catching sunset in the quiet dawn. 
Only to find, trailing after us, coaches after coaches of international travellers who were keen to catch this affair like everyone else. 

All for this piece of rock. 

Then it was a long, long drive back to Alice Springs, and then to 
Tennant Creek, and then to Katherine, and then to Darwin. 
For me, the most interesting aspect of a road trip, is that it cut us, the journeymen 
Off from any other aspects of communication with the outside world. 
We are left with the simplest mode of communication - talking to one another in the car. 
And talked we did, about the past, the present and, of course, the future. 
And along the way, I did my own retrospection, introspection and future-spection. 
I re-examined certain actions and consequences that took place in the past, and 
Did a simple exercise of what-if, and what-could-be. 
It was like putting my SIMCITY on hold, and then zooming out to see the entire city and then do a stocktake of my life. 

Or maybe SIMLIFE. 

It's exhilirating and refreshing. 
Now that I'm back from outer space, 
I certainly hope I've found what I've been looking for.


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(Deleted comment)
I've sent my phone for repairs.... my contacts are all lost as my phone was given a hard reset....

"I certainly hope I've found what I've been looking for" means you may have not find what you are looking for? wonder wat's that?

Have we ever arrived at a final destination?


Did you feel any energy buzzes, spiritual awakening or epiphanies while at Uluru? :P

There were many flies buzzing around me at the Olgas though....

so envious

man... i will love to do a road trip too. bet it must be damn fun just to chill out wif close frenz n do nothing except to enjoy each other's company!


your last line reminds me of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" song (recently sang by newly-crowned AmIdol David Cook).

check out the lyrics ;)

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