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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Throb ::

:: Throb ::

Every time I sling my samsonite laptop
On my shoulder I get this chronic backache that
Persists. And prevents me from
Sleeping well.
Especially last night.
I had this recurrent dream, of moving from
Point A to Point B to Point A to Point B.
So on and so forth.
I woke up earlier than usual this morning
Tired, fatigued, worried
That the throbbing ache was something more serious.
A visit to the doctor, upon recommendation from my family doctor
Concluded that it was either a
Muscle inflammation, or a slipped disc.
No I don't want to do another MRI, I protested.
I'll wait for a few more days and see what happens.
After a dosage of pills, I felt better. By noon.
No gym or hand-carrying of laptop, this week.


Hmm, i think you might want to consider a backpack instead if you're using a sling :P spreads out the weight.

Yoga's helping me now though :P might wanna consider that when ur back's more rested yea!

Agree! Get a trolley laptop bag also can seems like all of us have same problem u better take care too pyros

use a trolley bag, i hav been doing that for years. slings are really bad for the spine in that the distribution of weight is lope sided. or like what pyrosx had suggested ... a backpack

but i can't afford a nice trolley bag! =P

Leave the notebook in office?

yeah i've been leaving my notebook in the office lately.

oh dear..
pls take care..
i noe the pain's super uncomfortable..
rest the back k! =)

no heavy loads whatsoever...
anyway do find the root cause asap... no point causing further pain by delaying it

i still think its the samsonite laptop bag.

Rest well, and lighten all burdens on your shoulders... :P

rest well.. and use a backpack.. yup.. my mac n books can be real heavy.. padded backpack is real comfy.

poor lil' willie~ :p

Oh dear its another case of heavy-handbag-syndrome. Take care dude.

Rest well

hmm... rest well, dude. take care n have a speedy recovery. Regards, nick

Hmm... Sounds like the pain is really serious, considering the fact that it actually affected your sleep.

Slipped disc seems unlikely, since you did not mention of any nerve impingement symptoms in the legs.

Anyhow, rest well, and hope you get better over the week. =)

actually there was a bit of that; just that i didn't elaborate. nevertheless will monitor carefully. not worth a gamble, a slipped disc.

Have you seen shutter ? that guy also have back pain ...

slipped disc is quite a big problem. I have the same condition. takes a long time to even be able to walk properly. you had better take better care. try to carry "not so heavy' stuff. ;-)