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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Conversations, D & W ::

:: Conversations, D & W ::

You sometimes 
Ponder the events that happen.
And the people you meet in your life,
That there's a resason and somehow
A bigger picture that is not immediately apparent?

I think that nothing happens by chance. 
Everything happens for a reason. 
And it is up to us to be aware.
Of this reason.
Then act.

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...and sometimes, you will realize it and be thankful for it long after it happened...

cause and effect? Hmm...


On a side note, I so totally think you and John Cho (of Harold & Kumar)have a strong resemblance...

i think so too, stranger.
actually if you go back far enough in my journal, you will notice a few posts about me, and mr cho. =P

Re: Digression

they say that strangers are but friends who've not yet met right...? ;-). I have not yet had to time to go far back in your journal but I like what I've read so far : pretty insightful and reveals a character of depth, although some of it are kind of cryptic but I'm guessing that's deliberate and for private eyes only...

time to write and get yourself a lj account/

I also believe everything happens for a reason. But more often than not, the patience runs dry while waiting for that 'bigger picture' to become perceptible...

Random thoughts from your junior passer-by

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