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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: My Problem With Facebook ::

:: My Problem with Facebook ::

I have a problem with Facebook. 
I point my browser to www.facebook.com.
It crashes on me. 
Probably I've been ignoring the requests for more than just a while.
The numbers keep spamming. 

I have been noticing a trend. 
I have been receiving 'pokes', which I occasionally 'poke' back. 
The poker would then initiate a friend request.
Some would skip the poking part completely.
Usually I ignore the request if I see a stranger.
A few irate ignored ones would then berate me for my nonchalance.
Some strangers, are in fact, long lost friends.
Friends, who have the habit of posting, instead of themselves, 
A picture of their kid, or dog, or some inanimate object.
Or a fleshy part of their skin. 
I see the laws of demand and supply at work. 

For this reason, I try not to 'ignore' requests.
I let them hibernate in the inbox.

For the approved 'friends', the trend continues.
"Hi nice to know you, do you have msn?"
My polite reply, "I don't log onto msn these days."

It's true.

I'm too busy replying to facebook messages.
A few, after a few unreplied messages from me, choose to get hurt.
They embark on a warpath of insinuation. 
"Am I too ugly for you?"
"Why are you so selective?"

Facebook then, becomes a PR campaign. 
I learned how to say no without having ever to say no.
You may ask, why stick to all these poking and messaging and the like? 
Because there are still oysters to be found amidst the vast ocean.
And the hopeful one must persist, in this search for friendship
For the soulmate that we've been waiting to meet, all along.
Since our last lives.

Then again, with a warchest of 'friends'
I notice that I barely know most of them. 
That is a clear example where quality matters more than quantity.
So what shall one do?
Impose a heavy-duty filter, and stick to friends that can discern
My right middle toe from my left,
Or acquiesce with a light filter, for all that know me for my name?
I wonder.

Honestly, though, I miss Livejournal.
For a series of blog entries reveal more than a profile.
Surely it takes more effort to articulate what one feels.
Than to paste a picture of fancy, and call it a day.

And then, I realise. 
I have been posting less, and poking more.
The latter is easier.
Time to rouse.

(ramble ramble ramble)

same thingas u ... heheh... i hope it wun have same thing happen in myspace webpage :p

(Deleted comment)
dude you were added already. please check! =P

haha... cheer up ...

ps : left a reply for you in my entry. thanks for taking some time to read ya? :-)

Facebook hasn't been working for me either... for the past week or so. It never seems to be able to load and I probably only have 1% of the requests you have =]

remember, quality, not quantity! =)

oh ya, added you as a friend to unlock the rest of my journals... oops... haha....

i haven't seen any of your toes.. :p

yes, blog more!

how true.. facebook is unfortunately addictive =/

Then it's up to us to make a difference.
Why is it addictive to you, then?

Ramble ramble ramble... *superpoke*!! :-)

Just use facebook mobile, save lots of bandwidth and scripting hell.. m.facebook.com

wah... everyone should go poke your account now..

u r super star no 2 leh...

No 1 is colin muahahah

I have the same 'problem' as you. Sometimes it is a PR game in facebook. Actually LJ is almost the same.

I missed the 5 degrees event today. Finish work late so I decided not to go.. will go for next one!

i find lj more interesting than facebook.
i guess poking reminds me too much of sending hearts

I guess the issue is when you have too many people on your friends' list. It gets abit difficult to manage.

This statement is touching - "Because there are still oysters to be found amidst the vast ocean. And the hopeful one must persist, in this search for friendship
For the soulmate that we've been waiting to meet, all along. Since our last lives." - I must say you are really good with your words, join the Writers Guild! :)

is the writer's guide east of mac pherson?

(Deleted comment)
you poked me many many times and of course i poked back...

haha. I always thought it was rude to reject friend requests, so I just leave it unapproved. I even initiate the poking sometimes so they can see my Welcome Box, which clearly states to leave me a msg first before adding. Some obviously can't read! Like 137 of them. *faint*

So how many do you have hibernating in your inbox? I'm sure you can beat mine by a comfortable margin. lol (p/s: this is not a challenge, but just out of curiosity yah. =p)

Gotta agree with you. Its overwhelming in its relentlessness. Not entirely by choice, but I think I blame facebook for my lack of engagement when I come online these days.

That and the 360 action points wasting away on my Battlestations account. Ugh.