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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Plug and Play ::

 :: Plug and Play ::

Ever since I stopped driving, and joined NEC Asia, I've been lugging my Versa 6300. 
My Versa's a gift from the company, and the nifty Core Duo is my trustworthy sidekick, 
Following me wherever I go. 
I like the idea of having a mobile office on-the-go. 
All I need to do it so fire up my Versa, and connect it to my MaxMobile-boosted Viewty, 
And my Outlook, Firefox, etc can be easily accessible, at the touch of a button. 
I avoid MSN, however, as it takes up too much of my attention. 
Nevertheless, I have been having difficulty locating power points in our urban jungle. 
Forget about Burger King or KFC, or even Macs, unless its a Mac Cafe. 
Even right now, as I sit in Pacific Coffee Company in the Red Dot Museum and 
Connected to the internet highway, I had to discreetly unplug the socket off the 
Bulbous antique table lamp and insert my Versa power plug instead. 



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i promise i won't tell~

plug you then you know! =P

sound like a scene from Mr Bean..:P
i can imagine his snigger

don't you find the download speed of Viewty kinda slow??

totally not at all. mine runs at 480kbps but download is about 2mbps.

haha..discreetly unplug the socket. I also did that before. Just dont get caught .=)

i know what you did last.... ahem.

butt plug and play : p

i'll get that for you, for christmas.

wat's burget king? new stuff?

I get my plugging fix at Spinelli's. Someone's quite the Warcraft fan these days huh.

You know what, actually I asked the staff some time ago if they had power points I could use and he said I could unplug one of the lamps and use all I like.

Yes, the very same cafe you're talking about. I used to run there to write in peace when I had more time. :)

i can't help but give a wry smile when i read this post... cause i actually know which socket u were talking abt. i did the same thing just a few days ago when i was there.. i was eyeing ard then i saw that antique lamp by the couch.... it was god sent. anyway, i came up with a mental list of available sockets so that i know were to go when i need a good plug. frankly, most coffee beans and tcc offer free sockets! these r the places i can think of with sockets:

Central TCC
Raffles City Gloria Jeans
China Square Central Spinelli (only one socket)
Orchard HMV Spinelli (outside by the wall)
Orchard Taka Coffee Bean
Orchard Centre Point TCC
AMK Mall Pepper Lunch (all the way inside)
Toa Payoh HDB Hub Coffee Bean

Wow someone should compile a list like what you just did!

haha stealing electricity.. very honest

Hey I paid $8 for a drink okay!

我只是想保护大家,没想到却被人害, 坏人都 gotten away scott-free。感觉毒入心肺, 又被人笑, 才会做了傻事。可能是自己心里有鬼吧,没话说!perhaps i don't realise how high key i actually am, nevermind! am seeking professional help right now, don't worry, no more nonsense from me from today onwards! btw all the fateful things occurred at school, i totally underestimated the environment. what happened elsewhere is just my naughtiness and willfulness, plus anger. sigh. i already undergoing professional help la wish me luck.

i still remember your acura red, plus you, really impressive. *swoon*

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