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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Full of Gas ::

:: Full of Gas ::

(from xkcd)

I am positively sure my gastric flu was the consequence of, the
Mug of beer my boss made me down in a draft.
Mixed with Thai food, complete with Tom Yam soup.
On Thursday.
Happy Hour + Thai Foodcourt Dinner = Disaster.

And so, the headache came rather quickly. I am fortunate
Not to be afflicted by regular bouts of this pounding neuralgia.
But on Thursday night, I found myself stricken by this malaise.
I was unable to progress beyond my alpha brainwave state.
I encountered my usual nightmare; a dream-that-looped-indefinitely.
Like searching fruitlessly for my car in a super-multi-storey carpark.
Rather unsettling, it was.

I went to work on Friday, nevertheless, as there was an important
Negotiation that I had to undertake.
Past noon, upon reaching the office, I gradually realized that the
Air-conditioning had never worked so well before -
I was actually feeling cold!
It then dawned upon me that
Headache + Body aches (near the abs) + Winter in Singapore = Breakdown
After my business of the day was complete, I flagged a cab home.
And the dinner that I arranged for T's birthday, perforce, was canceled.
It's T's and G's birthday today. I noted.

Two days later, now, I feel a little better.
At least I'm blabbering in this eight-year-old journal of mine.
And I should be ready for Wednesday's event.
I am still trying to recall the title of that brilliant comic book
I read at runecircle and titancross's apartment.
I should probably ask, or perhaps devinjay could remind me.
But I sit and wait. I sit and wait.

Meanwhile Bren smsed me to share with me some happy news.
His appeal to switch to a better course was approved, and he would be
Undertaking the diploma course for Electronics, Computer and Comms Engineering
After completing his National Service, which starts this June.

Yet another random musing.
Coming from nowhere; going nowhere.


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Did you apply the "Ji Xiang Pai Ru Yi You" oil? :P

Get well soon!

*pat pat*
hope u fully recover soon!

(Deleted comment)
I did.
And no MC for me. Back to work in 5 hours.

Thanks dude!
How have you been Mr Xeno?

what the... what mr xeno?? /grabwildycollar

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