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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: My Experience with Rice Flour ::

:: My Experience with Rice Flour ::


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Oh my! I can't help but comment on how perfectly shaped those balls look! Usually when I fashion stuff into balls they're never really balls haha. Like got abit of a cone-shaped thing going on at the top of the ball.

did the riceballs come with any fillings?

i wannn! =p

I love the black sesame/peanut filled ones and with tau foo fah. Have those there? lol.

tang yuan.... :)

anyway i would suggest making the soup with your current ginger,pandan leaves and add in coconut sugar (the brown colour one - comes in block)

and for the boiling of the tang yuan, it should be done in a separate boiling water....

cooked tang yuan (once floating up) to be transferred into empty bowl ... for the soup to be added in..

this prevents the soup from becoming ..... powdery....

nonetheless...... making tang yuan is definitely BETTER than buying instant ones


After this experiment, you can venture into something more Nigella Lawson...

Oh, Willie can cook...:-)))

willie can cook, and so can you!

tat looks really nice!!
teach me teach me!! =)

cool manz

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