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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Dawn, Bus Stop ::

:: Dawn, Bus Stop ::

Dawn breaks.
I sit, agape
With eyes affixed onto
The brightening sky.
There is no sound.
There is no.


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nice panoramic view and slow shutter effects..
looks familiar... east coast?

near biao ge's place..
haha =)

we're heading to sentosa this sunday..wanna join us?

doing what at sentosa?
and who's your biao ge?

haha...prob laze around sun tan and then chill out?
i might play beach volleyball..
eh my biaoge is my Cousin lar...
the one whom i mentioned before tat stays near u lor

But mommy says too much sun is bad for the skin,,,,,

*rejected subtlely..*

There is a sound.
It comes from within your head.

how can there be a sound within a head,
if there is no one to hear it?

i recognise this ... bus stop opp Chai Chee Sec?

oh cool ... we're practically neighbors ... i'm two stops down at BS Ave 3

Where on you usually have your meals?

if speedo comes around to visit, we will have zhi char at blk 170 coffeeshop ... otherwise, i usually eat the coffeeshops at blk 69 and 70

lol, that's why it seemed so familiar! i used to take 14 every day to bedok for a few years. i have to admit though, that i was thinking of the stretch near Lucky Heights

... after RT your eyes are closed mah, on the bus ride home ... hur hur

lol. actually i see it on the to work then :P

slow seeping
lost in swirls
the sun takes over

What's not said is louder than what is. What's not written appears to be.

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