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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Ouch ::

:: Ouch ::

Sprained my neck for the
Umpeenth time.


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Ouch... sounds painful. That's never happened to me.
Lucky me :-)

But it's prob cos I don't do the things that get one a sprained neck. Unlucky me. :-(


Get well soon.

it happens to me all the time.
usually after gym.

hug hug...
*massage =)

you learned thai massage as well?

mayb it's inherent?hehe

bad sleep posture? i had that 2 weeks ago, and it takes almost 2 weeks to recover! darn it!

some things are difficult to reach *chuckle* .. speedy recovery mate

oh my ..take care ok....havin a sprain neck is bad and uncomfortable.....
see a chinese if necessary

So.. you did a neck crunch while you are bench pressing?

I could have exerted it; I have this tendency.

but but but your neck is so muscular,
shouldn't it be considered a cramp instead? ;P

Careful there! Hope you get well soon.

take care dude. =)
Speedy recovery.

what did you do to get a sprain?

TMC at South Bridge Rd may help.

Hahaha ... what do u do so often that u get a sprained neck so often. Kekeke

I have a stiff neck after I sprained it in JC. Din warm down after volleyball training. Boarding a bus, a fren called me and I turned to look at him and bravo, sprained neck. Hahaha

Ouch. Can you turn your head properly?

U looked perfectly fine today at Kopitiam ... :P

I can't appear to be in pain all the time!

R u sure you got it from the gym? :P

LOL. Kidding.

Happy belated single awareness day :)

do neck strengthening exercise.

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